Apps Around the Pool: Three Apps for Pool and Hot Tub Care

Smartphone Apps For the Pool


On a hot summer’s day, a quick dip into the chilling waters of a backyard pool is just the thing for beating the heat. But while you enjoy taking a deep dive into that cool water, you probably don’t enjoy the hard work that goes into keeping it clean and crystal-clear. The same goes for relaxing away the day’s stress in a soothing hot tub. Too bad you’ll have to deal with the stress of keeping it clean at some point.


Taking care of a pool or a hot tub is not just a hassle — it’s also an expensive proposition for most folks. For instance, homes with pools also consume 49 percent more electricity and 19 percent more natural gas than homes without, according to data gathered by Opower. As a result, you can expect to spend up to $500 per year in added energy costs.  Seattle City Light estimates that a relatively inefficient hot tub can easily add an extra $250 to your yearly electric expenses.


While some companies like Hot Tub Works lets you find spa filters and get the prices by just typing in the filter number, others don’t make caring for your pool or hot tub so simple. Fortunately, there are plenty of tools out there that help make taking care of both a bit easier. Better still, these tools are conveniently available for your smartphone. Doesn’t that make you feel a bit better?




Keeping those pH levels balanced is one of the most important aspects of maintaining a pool. An ordinary pH strip can tell you all about the acidity, but it won’t tell you the right chemicals to use for effective pH management. Available for iOS and Android, Insta-LINK’s free water testing app lets you find out with a simple snapshot of the test strip. You still have to buy your own test strips and you’ll need the SmartScan card included within Insta-LINK’s SmartScan kit for proper photo scanning, but at least you’ll know the exact chemicals you’ll need to bring your pool back in balance.


Nimbus Pool Doctor


If you want to keep track of your pool’s chemical usage and other statistics, you’ll probably want to download Pool Doctor from Nimbus Mobile. All you have to do is input your current chlorine, pH and alkalinity levels into the intuitive user interface to retrieve a suggested listing of ideal chemicals and dosages to use for your pool. The $9.99 app also tracks your chemical usage, pH levels and the outdoor conditions at the time of usage. Best of all, you can download this useful app for both iOS and Android phones.


Balboa Water Group Hot Tub


For spas and hot tubs, Balboa Water Group’s Hot Tub smartphone app places control of your supported Balboa spa right at your fingertips. From your smartphone, you can easily adjust temperatures, program filtration cycles and monitor other aspects of your hot tub. Unfortunately, Android users won’t be able to take advantage of this highly functional and free app. In addition, you’ll also need a Balboa-branded spa equipped with WiFi.


Thanks to these apps, keeping your pool, hot tub or spa doesn’t have to be such a hassle. Don’t forget to grab a few of those spa filters as you tend to your hot tub. Having the proper filters helps prevent algae and other organisms from multiplying within the tub’s relatively warm confines.


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