Angie’s List Testimonials

Hiring a company to do work at your home should be an informed decision. That’s just what Angie’s List does; they provide consumers with information about companies by organizing reviews about service and quality. It is a great way to vet out the best company for the job.


Angie’s List is all about accountability and honesty. Reviews are never anonymous, and those who post reviews must adhere to the List’s rules that are in place to avoid false reviews and to prevent companies from hi-jacking the list and using it as some sort of promotional vehicle.


Angie’s List provides reviews that are in-depth and rich in details addressing many issues like price, quality, professionalism and promptness, to name a few. As a member you also gain support if a job from a recommended company goes south. Angie’s list has a complaint and resolution department that works for the consumer to help resolve problems professionally.


It is a great way for consumers and companies to communicate and talk about issues or problem they may have. Often times a company will use the feed back from Angie’s List to know how they are doing and change procedures if needed. Thanks to the good members of Angie’s List who had these kind words for us.


“They were great in all of their suggestions, sent me an extraordinary installer–who then refined the design–who understood exactly what the needs of the yard were. They were great!” – S.C. Beverly Hills, CA


“I went on Angie’s List to see if I could find a contractor and came upon Guardian, who not only had the kind of fence I was looking for but who have a special version for pets. David arrived promptly at 8:30 as promised, in the pouring rain! He was polite and professional and did an excellent job.” – R.W. Long Beach, CA


“The suggestions as to the best materials to use were just right. The configuration of the pool presented some difficulties, which were easily managed, and the workmanship is top notch.” – P.M. Pacific Palisades, CA


“They installed the fencing exactly as we had agreed upon, even modifying it slightly so that I would have an additional opening in order to water plants on the other side of the fence. When they left there was nothing to clean up and everything was ready to go.” – B.C. Calabasas, CA



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