Algae in pools are a very common problem whether you are just opening it or you woke up one day and globs of green are floating around. There are 2 basic types of algae: free-floating and black algae.

Free-floating Algae has different varieties and it includes mustard algae. Mustard algae tends to cling to the sides of the pool walls and can be brushed off. Green algae will be visible throughout the water and depending on how bad it is, it will change the water different shades of green. Mustard algae does not need to be in the light to grow so it can grow places like in the pump and filter. These types of algae can be solved with your basic algaecide or simple chlorine.

Black algae is a dark blue-green and is found where water circulation is poor, deeper areas, and along the edges. This algae is the most difficult to control and some call it quits after it has started. Black algae has a waxy coating on the outside to prevent chemicals to penetrating it thus creating a struggle to kill. When choosing an algaecide remember to see if it says “penetrating.”

Always test your pool, if anything is over or under the recommended amount can cause issues. Under recommended causes a perfect opportunity for algae to start growing. Too much chemicals can cause the pool water to get cloudy and can potentially hurt your pool lining or equipment. Test kits come in paper strips and droppers. The droppers are more accurate. If you have hard water, remember to stay away from calcium hypochlorite when choosing a pool shock. When using liquid chlorinator remember to do it later in the evening when the sun is going down because the sun eats away at it and you would just be wasting it. When chlorinating remember to brush and vacuum in 24 hours to suck up the algae that is dead.

If you just have floating algae, consider using a flocculant. This helps clump the algae together making it easier to scoop out, but remember it can be very dangerous if you get it on your skin. Always, always maintain your pool’s chemicals, test every day and adjust accordingly.