no holes pool fence

Your swimming pool is one of the most inviting features of your property and rightly so. Not only is it a great way to keep cool on a hot day, but it also acts as the perfect means of relaxation. However, having a swimming pool is a huge responsibility and one way you can keep this feature secure is through a fence.

One of the more popular options on the market today is the No Holes Pool Fence. Get to know what this is and the advantages that this type of fencing can give. 

What is a No Holes Pool Fence?

True to its name, the No Holes Pool Fence is a type of pool fence that does not require holes in the ground for installation. Guardian’s No Holes Pool Fence is a patented product line that utilizes a no-drill installation method.

The No Holes Pool Fence works by establishing a strong and durable base for the poles to stand on. These bases are then filled with water to make them more stable. Mesh panels are then attached to the base using spring-loaded safety latches to complete the whole fencing system.

Benefits That No Hole Fences Offer

  • Safety and Security

One of the reasons why you should consider having the No Holes Pool Fence for your swimming pool is to keep people safe, especially children, who are on your property. 

  • Ease of Installation

The No Holes Pool Fence is one of the easiest pool fences that can be installed and for good reason. Since these don’t require drilling, which takes up the bulk of installation, to be honest, this fencing option is ideal even for beginners or DIYers.

These pool fences already come with all of the things you’ll need to do on your own, such as the respective instructions and the hardware. With these things on hand, you’re already good to go.

  • Aesthetic Appeal

Many swimming pool owners are often resistant to adding pool fences to their property, especially when it can hinder them from seeing the once-picturesque view. There are, after all, some pool fence options that can be quite obstructive, but not the No Holes Pool Fence.

Although the No Holes Pool Fence provides security and protection while surrounding the pool, the mesh panels are still quite see-through. This allows you to see the goings-on in and around the swimming pool area, all while still appreciating the views on your property.

  • Flexibility

Homeowners who want flexibility with pool fences will find exactly this with the No Holes Pool Fence. For one, these can be used temporarily and for specific purposes or instances. From keeping children and pets out of the water to opening it for keeping guests in, there’s no shortage of ways you can use this towards your needs.

No Holes Pool Fences are likewise favorable to renters who live on properties with swimming pools, particularly for those who have landlords that do not want fixed or permanent fences installed.

Whatever you may need, the No Holes Pool Fence is versatile that can meet your ever-changing needs over time.

  • Durability

As mentioned, the No Holes Pool Fence has bases that are filled with water. This prevents it from toppling over, even when kids attempt to push or even when there are strong, harsh winds blowing in the area.

With these bases properly weighed down, you don’t have to fear this being destroyed. These stay up even in the harshest weather conditions. In addition, it’s also worth noting that the mesh panels are easy to clean and maintain, letting them last well over the years.

  • Cost-Effective Measure

The No Holes Pool Fence is one of the more economical and cost-effective pool fences you can ever come across. These generally cost around $27 per foot, making it a valuable yet affordable addition to your property.

Even better, since the No Holes Pool Fence does not require permanent installation and drilling, you can go the DIY route and save even more money on labor.

Other Considerations

If you are on the fence about getting pool fencing options (pun intended), make sure to take note of other aspects you might find essential in your search. These include:

  • Local Codes in Place

Before you purchase the No Holes Pool Fence, you might want to check out existing pool and fencing laws in your state or area. This lets you determine whether or not this pool fencing option will be allowed in your city and if it is up to code.

  • Labor and Effort

Another aspect you might want to consider includes the labor and effort you’re going to put in. Sure, the No Holes Pool Fence is much easier compared to traditional pool fences, but you may still find the assembly and installation quite tedious.

Bear in mind that although you can do this by yourself, having a larger pool area may be time-consuming. If you have some people to help you out, you can easily finish this within a few hours tops.

The Bottom Line

The No Holes Pool Fence offers a lot of advantages for swimming pool owners. From being a flexible and durable option, as well as being cost-effective at that, this is a great option to keep in mind if you’re on the market for pool fences.

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