Adding Value to Your Home with a Pool

swimming-pool-4Before making the decision to add a swimming pool to your home there are a wide number of things you’ll need to consider, not least of all the question of how such a move will affect you’re the value of your home.


The answer to this question isn’t quite as straightforward as it may appear. Whilst, conventional logic would lead you to assume that your pool will be an asset with a fairly fixed value, the effect of a pool on the price of your home will depend, to a large extent, to the area you live in.


In affluent areas, there are neighborhoods where pools are such a common feature of properties that they are seen as being vital by those looking to buy, a necessity almost. In a scenario such as this, adding a pool will make your home one of the more attractive prospects in your locality and should increase the price of your home accordingly.


However, by contrast, if pools are not something generally found in your area, there is a chance that building a pool may not be worth it (assuming of course, for the sake of argument, that you disregard the enjoyment you’ll get from it.) While the value of your home will be increased, it may not cover the cost of construction and maintenance. This is because people looking to buy in your area will not have a pool on their list of priorities and, whilst they may find it attractive, they are just as likely to be put off by the ongoing expenses it would lead them to incur.


As well as the expense, families with young children can sometimes consider a swimming pool to be something of a risk. Making sure your pool is protected by adequate swimming pool fencing can go a long way to allay worries of this kind.


The majority of people who have a pool built for themselves are motivated by the dream of having a place of their own where they can have fun and relax. Making back the cost of construction in resale value is, for these people, a secondary consideration. Those who, on the other hand, have their eyes very much fixed on a profit margin need to be sure to their research before investing, as pools only add substantial value in a certain kind of place.


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