Above Ground Pools – Pros and Cons

Above Ground Pools – Pros and Cons

If you have ample space in your garden that you have been sweating in during the sunny months of the year, then it is likely that you have already considered adding a swimming pool. But if you already know that you do not want to maintain a pool, or if the weather in your area is not reliable enough to warrant a big investment like a full blown swimming pool then an above ground pool may be your most viable option. Before you make that purchase, we wanted you to consider the benefits of an above ground pool:


 1.)   Temporary

An above ground pool is like a tent, in that you can erect it and dismantle it according to your needs which makes it a perfect option if you want a pool in the summer time, and your garden in the colder months. Whilst a real pool will require planning, digging, tiling, watering and filling, an above ground pool will simply require for someone to erect it, fill it and treat the water. Easy peasy!

2.)   Size

If you have an above ground pool then it’s up to you how large you would like for it to be and this means that your pool can grow with you and your family! Above ground pools come in a variety of shapes, sizes and depths which means that your toddlers can enjoy a small pool, and still have an outdoor pool that can accommodate them once they are teenagers!

3.)   Low maintenance

A real swimming pool will require a great deal of maintenance to stay healthy, requiring cleaning, filtering, bleaching and other general maintenance duties that will go on and on through this year and the next. If that all sounds like too much headache for you, then an above ground pool, could be what you are looking for. Although they will require maintenance in the form of regularly treated water, and the filtering of any bugs that may have found their way in: the level of maintenance they require is significantly less than a real pool.


1.)   Damage to the grass

Wherever you place the pool in the garden, you will have to lay it down on some form of surface. Above ground pools are heavy, and will stay around potentially for the whole summer which means that when you dismantle it, you will have a giant patch of dead grass which will need regenerating, often at extra cost to you.

2.)   Fencing may be required

If you have young children or pets, a pool fence is a huge concern even for above ground pools. Many local building codes also require pool fencing. Check with your local municipality and see if there are any rules for pools.

If all you have done to date is sit in your garden and eat BBQ food, then privacy should not have been an issue for you to date. Once you start donning your swimwear and getting wet, however, you may need to rethink your fences to make sure that you and your family have the privacy you need to enjoy yourselves, without treating your neighbours to eyefuls they (and you!) would rather not see.

Depending on the size if your pool you may also need to install pool fences to keep the structure upright and this is often not included in the package when you purchase. Pool fencing can get quite expensive, especially if you are not sure of what you are doing, so always check with the seller before you go ahead and invest.




Ben writes for Speedy Services a  machinery hire company who can provide all the tools need to put up an above ground pool.



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