How Much is Pool Safety Worth?

Above Ground Pool Safety


When it comes to the safety of your family, you should consider the features of a swimming pool rather than the total cost. There are several accessory items and features which will improve the safety of your outdoor pool without adding a lot to the expense.


Sturdy Construction


The above ground pools come with semi-flexible plastic sides as the walls. This material makes the above ground pools cheaper to purchase than those designed as in-ground pools. The drawback is the unstable construction of the plastic walls. These walls have a tendency to fold under a certain amount of force, which could cause people to be injured if the side accidentally caves in.


If your budget only allows for the price of an above ground pool, it is better to select one designed with tough resin walls rather than plastic. The resin is a thicker type of molded plastic which will not bend or fold under pressure. This wall is also more stable when used in connection with accessory items such as ladders or slides.


Adding Accessories with Stability


Most above ground pools designed for family use will have walls measuring five feet or more in height. In order to access the interior of the pool a stable ladder needs to be placed along one side. Pool ladders can be made of lightweight aluminum with hooks used to attach it over the rim. While the aluminum ladders are inexpensive to purchase, they do not provide a lot of stability for safety purposes.


A safer pool ladder is available in the same molded resin material as the more stable pools. These ladders have broad steps, wide platforms and sturdy bases. The molded resin ladder also comes with large easy to grip hand rails and a full set of steps leading into the water as well. Water slides are also available in the more durable molded resin material. Both the slides and ladders are well weighted to prevent them from tipping over during use.


Additional Safety Items for Your Pool


If you have young children in the neighborhood, it can be beneficial to add a safety fence around your pool. This fence can be made of wire mesh with a latched gate which can also be locked. This will prevent young children from accessing the pool without supervision.


Lights also provide safety by illuminating the pool area in the evening. There are several lights available for use with both in-ground and above ground models. Proper lighting around the pool will significantly reduce the chances of pool related accidents.


In addition to the objects used to construct the pool itself, a safe pool is also one that is properly maintained. Water left unattended can form algae and bacteria which can cause people to become sick. The addition of a pump and filtration system will allow the water to be easily changed to keep bacteria at bay. Chemicals can also be added to the water to reduce the growth of algae. Investing in a large net will allow you to skim debris from the surface of the pool to keep it clean and ready for use.


Taking the time to select the proper pool and accessories regardless of the cost, will help ensure that you and your family will have many safe and enjoyable times in your new pool.




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