7 Pool Tile Ideas


As tiles can help your pool look its finest it’s also an alternative interior surface to vinyl pool liners.When selecting tiles for your pool, there are many choices to pick from and qualities to look for such as slip resistance, durability, and of course beauty. Consider the type of landscaping you have and the type of backyard the pool is in before making a final decision.


For green leafy landscaping, shades of aqua colors are ideal to give a tropical beach look. It will give an oceanic feel when swimming in your pool and you will feel as though you are on vacation all the time.

Shades of dark blues and greens for pool tiles will give a presence of a deeper pool. They also make the pool look darker, giving it an ocean-like appearance. Darker colors attract more heat from the sun and are best used in colder climate places.


For the traditional backyard use shades of blue to give a crystal clear look while still having that sea water glow. This is ideal for families with small children as you can see what is in the water from the top to the bottom.

Navy green tile provides a lagoon look to your backyard. If you have plenty of large plants and trees then consider using shades of dark green as you will feel as though you are on your own island.

Shiny light and dark green combinations can be used in warmer temperature states and provide a great contrast to yards without much greenery at all. These tiles work best for classic and contemporary styled backyards with a large patio or deck that tends to have gravel, cement and/or wood surrounding or nearby the pool.


Using patterns or designs in blue and grey will deliver a warm ambiance to your pool. With an easygoing feeling it will also offer a touch of glam and provide an impact to your backyard decor.

If you live in a hot climate then consider using bright pink or yellow tiles to offset the heat a bit. These colors prevent the heaviness of the sun rays that attracts towards dark tiled pools. Yellow tiles provide a bright sunny look to the pool and can give a presence of richness, resembling gold. The pink tiles deliver a sense of a laid back happy feeling that makes it even more enjoyable to go swimming.