7 Things To Do To Get Your Pool Ready For Summer

It’s that time of year again, time to get the swimming pool ready for summer.

The kids are yelling “Yay!” and you’re dying a little more inside.

Relax…everything will be okay. You don’t have to stress over all the things you need to do to get your pool ready for summer.

Instead, here’s a list of things to remember when getting your pool ready for summer.

  1. Begin the first step by assembling the filtration system and taking out any plugs that were put in at the end of last summer.
  2. Open up the lid and reveal the water in your pool. Yes, you should be keeping the water in year-round. Even in the coldest climates, it’s the way to go–the only exception is if you are prepared to track groundwater table levels to know when it’s okay to drain the pool.
  3. Clean the filter (D.E filters too!)  prior to running power to the pool. If there is less water than there was at the end of last summer, refill it to the previous level.
  4. Get the water professionally tested to save a season full of troubles. It doesn’t cost much and you find out about the minerals in the water, the pH and chlorine levels, and the overall alkalinity of the water. You then get guidance on how to adjust the levels, so your pool will be fully ready by summer time!
  5. Follow through with the tester’s advice and adjust chemical contents to meet recommended levels. pH should sit at 7.2 to 7.4, alkalinity should be in the 80 to 120 range, and calcium hardness should be 150 to 250 parts per million (ppm) and chlorine should be 1 to 3 ppm.
  6. Clean the filter daily for about a week. Throw in chlorine if necessary to prevent chlorine levels from dropping too much. The water should be clear enough that you can easily see the bottom of the pool.
  7. Wait until the pool is completely ready to open and use. Clear out any debris, leaves, or pollen that has accumulated in the pool and do a final clean.



These seven steps are simple and straightforward. There is no reason for any pool owner to neglect doing them. While it can be a pain, this is the most sure-fire way to have your pool open and ready by summer time.