7 DIY Swimming Pool Maintenance Hacks to Make Your Pool Better


Keeping your swimming pool maintained in the best state is a good thing to do, considering that a swimming pool that is unclean can result in unwanted illnesses. Proper maintenance of a swimming pool is not something one can do without making use of the right equipment and procedures. You may notice that pool service professionals use some tools and procedures that seem a bit more complicated, and you get worried that you might never get your hands on such equipment.

Don’t fret though, since you can make use of what is readily available to you and still achieve amazing results. You can make use of several hacks to ensure that your pool is well maintained for more enjoyable swimming. Below are seven of the best swimming pool maintenance hacks:

Vacuum your pool

Did I just read that I can vacuum my pool? Yes, you did! As much as this hack is common to some people, it’s still a surprise to others when they learn of the trick. This hack comes from the technology used in inground pools, that have drains at the bottom of the deep end which draws water into the filter system of the pool.

This way, your pool stays cleaner for longer. However, above-ground pools and even some of the inground pools lack this technology, and this means that you might have to do the cleaning manually. As such, you can just use a manual vacuum in your pool to get rid of the unsightly cloudiness of the water. Many guides on how to manually vacuum your pool are available on the internet, so you can make use of such guides to effectively clean your pool.

Use pantyhose to get rid of debris

Cleaning your pool from the debris can be annoying. Pantyhose can work great in getting rid of most of the debris before water enters your filter system. All you need is an old pair of pantyhose, which you can wrap around your skimmer baskets or skimmer nets.  These will go a long way in ensuring that your filter systems work more efficiently. All in all, be assured that a skimmer basket with a pantyhose around it is more efficient than the one without.

Use baking soda to clean pool tiles

As you may expect, the area surrounding your pool is important if you are to keep the entire pool clean for an extended period. This means that you have to clean the tiles around your pool to prevent accumulation of debris, which may eventually get transferred into the pool. All you need is some baking soda, which you mix with a little water to create a baking soda paste. After that, you can use the paste to clean the tiles with the help of a sponge or a brush. Don’t be scared of using baking soda, as it’s harmless to your pool’s water and you.

Use a blower to clean your winter cover

During winter periods, you will likely use a winter cover on your pool to keep it in the best state and free from debris. As such, the debris will accumulate on the cover, and if you want to use the cover for a longer time and prevent it from quickly wearing out, you need to get rid of such debris.

The best hack for this solution is using a leaf blower, as it will effectively get rid of most contaminants and leave your cover looking good. This way, you can use the cover over and over before it gives in to age and harsh weather conditions. However, as you blow the debris from the cover, be cautious not to damage the cover in the process.

Keep insects away using dryer sheets and lemongrass

When swimming, you obviously don’t want any disruptions, which is why you need to get rid of insects such as bees or wasps.  One option would be to get under the water, but you might not want to stay long underwater. That’s why dryer sheets and lemongrass can be good options for such situations. Insects like wasps will not want to get near dryer sheets, as they think it’s a nest belonging to other wasps. Lemongrass is effective in getting rid of mosquitoes. You can even hang the dryer sheets in an organized way so that they look more decorative and not just like a bunch of sheets around the pool.

Use D.E. powder with your sand filter

Sand filters are not very effective in filtering out fine particles from your water. This means that you might have to wait longer to get desired results when using a sand filter if your water is cloudy. To avoid this, all you need to do is get a small cup filled with Diatomaceous Earth powder, which you can add to your skimmer and let it run through the system. By using D.E. powder with your sand filter, you will aid it in filtering fine particles from the water, resulting in a cleaner pool.

Use tennis balls to remove oils from the pool

Once swimmers have come out of the pool, they may leave behind some natural oils or synthetic oils from hair products and lotions. Such oils will eventually lead to the collection of dirt around your pool’s walls. To avoid this situation, you can place tennis balls in your pool, allowing them to float freely while absorbing such oils, after which you finally remove them. You can also drop the balls into the skimmers while making sure that the skimmer basket is in place. This way, your pool gets to stay free from unwanted oils, which means that the walls will stay clean for longer.

Maintaining your pool should not be a hard thing to do with the above hacks. The best thing about these is that they don’t need complicated tools or processes, and that means that anyone should feel comfortable applying them. You don’t have a reason to leave your pool dirty or messy with the above hacks.


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