Plan your vacation with your infant

A week or two in the sun is the highlight of most people’s summer, but if you’re taking your baby away for the first time, you may be experiencing a few jitters as well as excitement about your forthcoming trip. Every parent naturally wants to do all they can to ensure the safety of their child; so as well as packing the sun block, you’ll also be thinking about all the potential risks that your holiday location or its facilities may pose to your baby. If you’re planning to travel with infants, there are some things you need to make sure of before you book, and certainly before you load baby and cot, suitcases and pram into the car and set off on your journey. Here’s how you can mitigate most parent’s main worries:


  1. The pool
    Risk of drowning is ever-present when you’re near water, but you can dramatically reduce that risk by choosing a holiday home with a fence around the pool.
  2. Balconies
    Make sure that balconies don’t have wide railings that a youngster could fit through and that they’re high enough to prevent tots from climbing over and falling. Even if the balcony looks fine in the brochure, remember that not all rooms are necessarily the same so it’s always best to double check.
  3. Cot
    Pre-planning what you’ll do about baby and cot is worthwhile, as not all cots provided with accommodation meet regulations, especially abroad. Ill‑fitting mattresses and bars could present a risk of suffocation or injury; so if your travel arrangements permit, it’s often better to take your baby’s own travel cot with you.
  4. Baby monitor
    You wouldn’t think of putting your little one to bed without one back home, so why take risks when you’re away? A baby monitor is not too bulky to carry with you and is a very effective safety device. It’s worth choosing one with a long range as you may be a bit further away than you’d normally be at home if you’re sitting out on the balcony or t terrace A monitor placed next to baby’s cot will alert you if they stop breathing, start crying or if there’s an intruder. You can even get video monitors for added peace of mind.
  5. Windows and doors
    There have been several high-profile cases of children falling from hotel windows. Remember that safety standards overseas may not match those in the UK, so check that all doors and windows are safely locked or latched and are child‑friendly. Report any concerns to your holiday rep or hotel reception immediately.


Making sure your baby is safe when you’re staying in a place you don’t know is just a matter of awareness and planning. You can’t wrap them in cotton wool, but you can check a number of important points in advance and take sensible precautions while you’re away. Provided you do that, there’s no reason you can’t relax and enjoy a fabulous holiday.




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