5 Tips to Create a Great Poolside Area

The swimming pool area is meant to be one of those fun but relaxing areas and can be the perfect space for get together and chilling out. Creating a relaxed outdoor living space around the pool not only makes the most of the area, but also provides you with a more enjoyable and fun area. So, let’s take a look at how best to achieve this.



Vision is Important


Being able to stand back from the area and ask how the area can be best used is the most important first step to take. Take a look at the poolside area and come up with a plan of what you want, what you need and how to achieve it. Once you get these ideas together you can then put the wheels into motion and start creating the relaxing pool area.




There are few things that will destroy that relaxed feel like weeds and the bugs that come with weeds. Cleaning up weeds, pruning back bushes and tidying the area up will greatly reduce the number of bugs and insects around the pool area. If you really want to go the whole hog, then replace them with trees and bushes that repel bugs and insects. Do some research and ask in the local garden centre.




A great poolside area is a sociable one and the best way to create that sort of feel is by including nice seating and quality furniture. At furnitureuk.co.uk we believe in summer the outside is as important as the inside. There are all sorts of great furniture additions that can make the area a whole lot better and more attractive to relax around.


From wooden deckchairs to an outdoor table and area to eat at – furniture can really add to the relaxing feel of a poolside area, allowing people the chance to sit back and chill and just enjoy themselves.


Dining and BBQ


There are few things people enjoy more than a BBQ and some drinks after a long day relaxing and swimming. Adding a BBQ area in reasonable proximity to the pool can be a great addition. It creates the sort of hospitable atmosphere people love and is a truly great addition.


Add some nice furniture such a quality table and chairs, a nice canopy and perhaps a butchers trolley and you’ve the perfect outdoor area and one that can truly replace your kitchen in summer.


Towel and Drying


By having a dry off area you limit the chance of clutter and mess. By incorporating a nice decking space that has towel racks and some stools and places to put swimming items when you dry off, beside the pool – people tend to feel more relaxed. Most pools don’t have this and people tend to just leave towels in a pile on the ground. In addition, they pass by dry people relaxing in the sun, often wetting them as they go. Having an area for drying off and a place to put wet towels makes the whole area a far more pleasant place.




By adding a tidy, neat fence around the pool area you help create security. A good quality mesh pool fence along with some plants can be a great call for an outdoor pool area. It adds privacy around the pool and creates a more relaxed feeling for the entire family.


Follow these tips to ensure that you create an attractive and also a relaxing area for those warm days around the pool.


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