Last Updated on September 13, 2022

temporary-fencing-for-dogsThere is no doubt that Dogs are the most popular pets in many homes. Well, this is because they can give you some warm company and you can also play with them when bored. However, dog owners can testify on how curious these pets are. If you don’t restrain your dog’s movement, you are likely to find him/her wandering your neighborhood or even taking a swim in your pool. This is why it is imperative for you to invest in a quality dog fence. Here at Guardian we do understand the struggles of rearing a dog and how important it is to keep them on your property.  Our sturdy and unique dog fence features an 11 x 16 strands per square inch weave and can withstand heavy scratching and jumping. You can use our dog fence around pools and also in an area where you wouldn’t want your dog to get into. Still not convinced that our dog fence is ideal for you? Here are the top 5 reasons why ours is the best fence for dogs.

#1 – It is UV Resistant and Wind Permeable

pet fenceThe problem with most dog fences out there is that they do have a short shelf life. Once they are exposed to elements such as sunlight and strong winds. They become loose and worn out. This, however, is not the case with the Guardian’s Dog Fence. It is made from 100% polyvinyl-coated polyester. It’s also UV resistant and wind permeable. Therefore, despite how harsh the weather might be, it will always remain standing.

#2 – It can Withstand Animal Torment

Generally, dogs don’t like being caged. It is why they are likely to do some scratching and jumping until they can find their way through. Our dog fence, however, is built to withstand any form of animal torment. No matter how hard your dog scratches it, it will still retain its natural state. This is all thanks to our unique pet mesh which we came across it in a fabric trade fair back in 2002. The good thing with this particular mesh is that when we tested it, it proved to be quite effective on a variety of tests. Over the years we have revised and reinforced it to create the best fence for dogs on the market.

#3- It Features Strong Pet Fence Poles

Pet FenceThirdly, our dog fence features strong poles that can withstand the weight of a 150 lbs dog. The premier pole accompanied by the stainless steel pins can accommodate the weight of a big dog. It, therefore, makes our fence the best choice for your fencing needs.

#4 – It Guarantees 100% Safety

To those homeowners who are interested in a pool fence for your dogs, then you should know our fence guarantees 100% safety. Even though dogs can swim, not all are good at it. There are some who might find it hard to get out of the pool if not assisted. To avoid any risk, it is best if you fence your pool with the Guardian’s Dog fence. It is one of the safest dog fences on the market and will prevent the entry of your dog into the pool area completely.

#5 – It Has Smaller Holes than Regular Pool Fences

Dogs are one of the most creative animals in the world. When they run out of options, they often result in clawing. Now the benefit of having a pool fence with smaller holes is that your dog won’t be able to claw its way into your pool. He/she will probably try it out on the Guardian’s pet fence, but the will be zero percent chances of success. With the Guardian Pet Fence, you can be assured of peace of mind, knowing that your dog is safe and free from any hazard. It is strong and can be easily removed for storage when it is not in use.

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