5 Reasons Our Dog Fence Is The Best

When you decide to have a swimming pool placed in your backyard, you create the perfect setting to make great memories. Not only will your kids spend all their summer at your home, instead of their friends, but you’ll also find the pool provides you with the perfect excuse to host all kinds of great parties and get-togethers.


Part of getting the maximum amount of enjoyment from your home swimming pool will be making it as safe as possible. Before you even think about filling your pool with water, you need to make sure you have surrounded it with a secure fence. Not only will the fence and a locked gate prevent your neighbors from helping themselves to your swimming pool whenever they want to cool off, but it can also keep your pets safe from harm.


Pets, dogs in particular, are attracted to water. Just because their attracted to your swimming pool, it doesn’t mean the environment will be safe for them. While some dogs swim quite well, others don’t. Even if you know your dog can swim, if they fell or jumped into the water when you weren’t watching, they might have a difficult time learning how to get out. Dogs have gotten stranded in swimming pools for hours before finally succumbing to exhaustion.


Another reason you want to discourage your pet from jumping into the pool will be so they don’t introduce hair and dirt, which can create all sorts of havoc on your filtration systems. Everyone will be happiest if you keep your dogs on dry ground while you soak in the water.




What makes Guardian pet fence great for your situation will be that it has smaller holes than regular pool fencing, making it impossible for your dog to claw through it. However, the mesh allows the dog to see through the pet fence so they can continue to feel like a member of the family, while maintaining a safe distance from the water.


While Guardian pet fence makes it possible for you to enjoy a swimming pool without stressing about whether or not your dog will be safe, you should know that you can’t use the fencing as a kennel. It’s strong enough to deter your dog from entering your swimming area, but not strong enough to hold a large dog who’s bounding against it in an attempt to see you or chase squirrels.