(Gurdian Pool) 4 Ways To Make Your Swimming Pool Energy Efficient

The summer is here and this means spending more time with friends and family. The best place for this is the backyard, and having a pool makes the summer even more fun. Spending more time at home and in the pool combined with the recent increase in energy costs could lead to some bug energy bills. With a few steps you can make your pool more energy efficient so you can save money and focus on the fun.

4 Ways To Make Your Swimming Pool Energy Efficient

#1. Pool Finish

Not many people realize that the construction and design of your pool can save energy. The finish of your pool contributes to energy use so the material and color you have matter beyond aesthetic appearances. Darker color tiles or vinyl liners will help absorb heat from the sun which naturally heats the water. This will help lower energy use and heating costs while maintaining a comfortable temperature for your family to enjoy.

#2. Variable Speed Pool Pump

Replacing an old pump or a single-speed pump with a multi-speed pool pump is a great investment. These modern pumps are designed to be more efficient than older styles plus with variable speeds, you can control the pump. This means you can slow the pump according to your needs and reduce energy use. Single-speed pumps are one of the most expensive consumers of energy in homes and by switching to a newer, variable-speed you save energy and money as they pay for themselves within a few years.

#3. Optimize Plumbing

The plumbing system in your home and pool may be causing the pool pump to work harder than it needs to. The pipe that is rusted, too narrow, or have tight turns make it harder for water to pass through This increases strain on the pumps. This means the pump works harder which costs more. It can also wear a pump out quickly, forcing you to have to buy a new one much sooner than necessary. When you optimize your plumbing system can help reduce the stress on your pump, which allows the pool to be run more efficiently, saving you energy and money.

#4. Heating Options

Even on a hot day, people like to dive into a pool that has been warmed slightly. Pool heating is common and also expensive, especially if heating options are outdated. Pool heating technology has advanced so most heaters run more efficiently these days. It is worth upgrading to a newer system that runs more efficiently and will save you money. The initial costs will be worth it as energy costs become lower each month, and your bills go down. Within a few years, the new system pays for itself. You can also opt for green options to heat the pool such as a solar cover or solar blanket. These help keep heat in during the night so the water stays warm. Covers also help reduce water evaporation which is a major contributor to energy waste. You can also modify your heating schedule based on the weather. When there is a run of hot days, turn off the heating system and allow the sun to naturally what the water. If it becomes overcast, then you can turn on the heater as needed.


As you plan to spend more time at home this summer in and around the pool, it is the perfect time to upgrade your pool for maximum energy savings. With investment now, you can increase the longevity of your pool systems, promote energy-efficient use of the pool and save money as well as the environment.

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