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Get Ready For Your Summer Pool Party

The beginning of summer is an excellent time to begin planning your pool party. There are many different themes and ways to incorporate fun into these parties, and since the weather is improving and the temperatures are rising, it’s time to get the pool and patio areas ready!

Here are a few summer pool party ideas that are sure to be a hit with your family and friends:

Sports-themed pool party

This kind of pool party involves all kinds of sports since most translate well into pool activities. Try purchasing a floating basketball hoop set or football uprights and bring the offseason back into the pool for you and your buddies.

1980’s pool party

Remember back when you were younger and skimpy neon swimsuits and brightly colored sunglasses were all the rage? Well resurrect your youth and get your friends to bring some great 1980’s props to your party. You could even include an old fashioned boombox, sidewalk chalk, jump rope, or other great items from your youth. Playing 1980’s music is also a great way to celebrate your younger years and incorporate another element of the theme into your party.

Pool toy party

This is one of the most fun and downright unpredictable of the pool party ideas. With this kind of party, encourage your family and friends to bring their water wings, floats, beach balls, and other pool and water-related toys. If you invite enough people, there will be plenty of floating toys to share and have fun with.

1960’s pool party

You’ve probably had a blast dressing up in 1950’s or 1960’s style outfits for office and home parties. In fact, Mad Men dress up parties have been quite popular over the past couple of years. Why not host one by the pool? This is one of the best great pool party ideas because not only can you and your friends strut their stuff in their best 1960’s suits and styles, but they can also bring their favorite vintage swimsuits to show off!

Whatever kinds of pool parties you plan on having this year, remember that pool safety and common sense should not be too far behind the fun. Also, a pool safety fence is a great way to keep pets and small children away from and out of the pool, as any pool party can quickly turn ugly if people are not paying attention to and practicing pool safety basics.



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