4 Feet High Pool Fence


If you own a swimming pool, you need to be concerned with pool safety. Pool owners with children, grandchildren, pets or even those who live in a neighborhood with wayward venturing kids will need a pool fence. Young children flock to pools even when the adults aren’t around.  You must be proactive and install a fence to prevent tragedy from striking.  The minimal cost of a pool fence will provide a priceless peace of mind, enhanced safety for the family’s children and pets.


4 pool fence


Material And Height

Fences differ in materials and in quality but they should all have a consistently tall height that provides sufficient protection. Every pool fence should be tall enough to prevent a child from climbing up over it and also prevent pets from hurdling it. The fence should be made of high quality materials that a dog or other pet won’t be able to chew or claw his way through it. It should also extend all the way to the concrete or grass that surrounds the pool so that the pets and backyard rodents can’t slip underneath and into your pool.



When picking out a fence, focus in on finding one that is made with sturdy materials that are long enough to be considered “pool code compliant”. Most municipalities require that pool fences be a minimum of around 4 feet in height. Always consult with your county or city government to determine the exact local pool fence regulations.


The Taller The Better

If you are looking for a shorter fence, your choices will be much more limited. So, consider fences around 4 feet in height or taller for optimal protection and a diversity of choices. Consider the amount of space between the fence’s bottom rail and the next rail up. Fences with 3 or 4 rails will likely be taller than 4 feet as most 3 rail fences hit 54 inches in height. If you select an aluminum fence, its height will usually not interfere with your view of the pool area.


As you can tell, picking out a pool fence with the proper materials, style and height isn’t as simple of a process as it originally seemed. Be sure to reach out to the professionals at Guardian who can assist you through the pool fence selection process.