If you are fortunate enough to have space and means to build a swimming pool on your property, many homeowners would consider you lucky.

A lot of people can afford to install one at home but they just don’t have the real estate to do so. Others have ample space in the back yard but just cannot see themselves committing such a sum of money to do so.

Constructing a pool doesn’t just require money, but also implies a commitment to regular maintenance as well or risk having the pool succumb to the forces of nature.

Let’s say you have already spent enough time pondering over the dilemma of getting a pool. It’s very likely that the typical rectangle-shaped pool is the default choice.

Here are some reasons not to go with a rectangle swimming pool.

1) Cleaning hard to reach corners

This is a factor that seldom comes to mind of homeowners.

Unless you have pool maintenance outsourced, you would have to clean and scrub the pool from time to time if you care about hygiene and the health of your loved ones.

Square and rectangular swimming pools inevitably come with angled corners where dirt can collect.

Even though chlorine would probably take care of the germs, ugly stains can still build up in these corners which require one to scrub from time to time to retain their sheen.

While draining the pool can make it feel like cleaning it would be just like cleaning the washroom, dirty tight corners of walls can be a tedious affair.

A rounded pool would not have such challenges.

2) Boring shape

Because of how rectangular pools are burned into our minds due to television, we almost always think rectangle whenever we visualize a swimming pool.

For example, you are not going to see the participants of an Olympics swimming competition splashing about in anything other than a rectangular pool.

Yet remember that you are building one in your own home. You have the power to decide what shape to go with. There is no design rule that mandates squares or rectangles for pools at home.

There are actually various alternatives.

Think curved, oval, rounded, kidney-shaped, or irregular.

If your house is already square-shaped, it can be really visually boring and predictable to have a square pool as well.

In fact, even feng shui has something to say about this as well.

Building a swimming pool gives you a chance to visually change the external appearance of the house for the better. Don’t waste this chance by keeping with the boring rectangle.

3) More costly

This might actually surprise some people.

Consumers often believe that irregular-shaped swimming pools are more expensive to design and build as they appear more sophisticated. But rectangular pools are generally more expensive than curved ones due to its tendency to take up more perimeter footage.

This translates to more work and more materials.

And if you are going to hire help to maintain that pool, remember that these charges would be dependent on the size of it too.

It must be said that a lot of times, rectangle pools are the default choice of homeowners for good reason. But don’t let that idea restrict your choices of the shape of your swimming pool.

At least consider other shapes.

You might, after all, stop using the pool after a few months, leaving it as an aesthetic feature of the property. And a uniquely shaped pool is probably going to be a better sight for sore eyes.


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