3 Great Swimming Pool Exercises With Video

Swimming pool (aquatic) exercises have become very common in the recent past and are a great way to burn the calories in an exciting way. In addition to an ideal work out the environment, swimming pool exercises support a certain percentage of your body weight as well as improving your body’s flexibility. Another exciting feature of working out in the pool is the provision of resistance to your body movements by the water body which strengthens your muscles. Other benefits of pool exercises include the ability to improve your balance, agility, and cardiovascular fitness. Water exercises greatly benefit people with conditions back pain, balance conditions, arthritis, neurological and joint replacements. Exercising in the pool also minimizes the risk of fall especially for those with the above-named conditions.

Pool Workout For Abs And Core

Core exercises involve stretching and putting your hands together and moving them from side to side while standing. The water body provides friction and resistance while moving your hands and therefore involving and strengthening all your core muscles. You can also activate your core muscles by putting your back against the wall and putting your arms on the upper side to support yourself. You will then let yourself a little bit, tap your legs in and out as you twist and repeat the process quicker and will burn your calories and strengthen all your core muscles.

Pool Leg Exercises

For leg exercises, there are various leg moves that can be of great help in exercising. One move goes by the name Ali shuffle and Jumping jack legs; you will start with a scissor stand and move back and forth and then switch to jumping jack, wide and narrow. The water body creates a certain form of resistance that strengthens your legs muscles. Another leg move is the back kick which involves kicking your heels to your butt as you increase the speed, you will also feel great water resistance which strengthens your legs muscles. Another move is crossing butt kickers to strengthen your inner thighs and hamstring, and you will start by touching your left leg with your right palm and touching your right leg with your left palm. Use more force to get your heels up and touch them and continue the process for few minutes.


Pool Arm Exercises

For arms exercises, you can move your arms and back and forth and remain still in one position with your legs closed together. Your arms muscles will be strengthened and you can repeat the process for few minutes. You can also rest your arms on the poolside and pull yourself up and down; the water creates a resistance that strengthens your arms muscles as you pool your body up and down. Watch how it is done here

Swimming Pool exercises are an excellent way to strengthen your body muscles and in addition to that swimming itself is considered as one of the few workouts that involve all your muscles. Swimming pool workout is a fun way to ensure that you have a healthy body and lifestyle.