3 Great Gift Ideas For Someone Who Likes To Swim


Do you have a friend or a family member who loves to swim? Would you like to thank a swim teacher for teaching your child how to swim? Maybe you even know someone who has finished their training to become a lifeguard and you would like to give them a little something, but you’re just not exactly sure what to give them?

Search no more! Here are 3 unique gift ideas you can get for someone who loves to swim.

1. Waterproof Apple iPod Shuffle with waterproof headphones

waterproof-headphonesDo you want your friend to enjoy the laps they swim at the pool even more? Apple and AudioFlood have developed Amazon’s highest rated waterproof MP3 player. Yes! Listen to music underwater! Together with matching waterproof headphones this is possible. The headphones are even designed with short cords so they won’t get in your friend’s way while they are practicing and increasing their speed on that front crawl!

The package also comes with a swim cap, USB charger / sync cable and a swim bag for the iPod with even room for your friend’s goggles.

The iPod shuffle has 15 hours of battery life and can save over 500 songs with its 2 GB of storage. How many laps will your friend have to swim to listen to all of those songs?!

To ensure that your friend doesn’t lose the iPod while swimming the iPod Shuffle comes with a built in clip which your friend could easily attach to a goggle strap or bathing suit.

To wrap this amazing present up: it comes with a 2-year warranty. That way you are not only making your friend a great gift by supporting their sport, but you are also guaranteeing your friend’s entertainment during their beloved hobby in the future!

2. Swimming mug / water bottle / cup


swimming-mugMaybe you want to get a more inexpensive present, but want to keep the present related to swimming. A mug, water bottle or cup specially designed for swimmers might just be exactly what you are looking for. There are plenty to choose from with different and funny labels for example: “I love the smell of chlorine in the morning”, “No shirt, no shoes, no problem, I swim” or “Eat, sleep, study, swim”.

With this little present, you can’t go wrong and can give whoever to whatever occasion an individual swimming related present they will just love.

3. Swimming DVD

swimming-dvdCertainly, whoever you are wishing to give a gift to is wanting to improve their techniques and better their swimming methods. Why not help your friend, family member or swimming teacher out with a self-coach DVD all about Perpetual Motion Freestyle? This is “swimming for grownups” and can help your swimmer companion swim longer with more ease and enjoyment. Whether the person you want to give this present to is training for the Olympics or just simply trying to improve their skills, through this DVD they will get professional help thanks to you!