26 05, 2016

How To Use Swim Paddles?


  When you swim with paddles, you get to improve your upper body strength allowing you to achieve great underwater catch plus a powerful pull [...]

How To Use Swim Paddles?2016-05-17T11:51:43+00:00
17 05, 2016

3 Reasons to Swim Yourself into Shape


There are two major factors in leading a healthier lifestyle. Nutrition and exercise will not only help a person get into shape, but also improve [...]

3 Reasons to Swim Yourself into Shape2016-05-17T11:47:06+00:00
11 05, 2016

The Facts on Accidental Drowning


  When people think about unintentional drowning, they most often envision a wayward toddler wandering too close to a family pool and falling in unnoticed [...]

The Facts on Accidental Drowning2017-05-12T19:09:13+00:00