30 12, 2011

Pool Fence Code Los Angeles


Approved by the city of Los Angeles and the state of California Second U.S. Patent and Ongoing Success Solidifies Guardian Pool Fence Systems’ Reputation as [...]

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23 12, 2011

How To Choose Pool Fence?


A Few tips to choose the right pool fence When anyone hears the word swimming pool they will most likely think of pool parties, the [...]

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20 12, 2011

Swimming Pool Fence Ideas


Pool Fencing Ideas Even if your swimming pool is inside a fenced yard, you would benefit from putting a mesh pool fence around it. I'm [...]

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14 12, 2011

Pool Gate


Type of pool gates Security around a swimming pool is incredibly important. Young children and many small pets are completely oblivious to the potential danger [...]

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12 12, 2011

Approved In California


Code approved - Regulations For Pool Fences In Los Angeles Installing a pool safety fence will not only keep you up to code, it will [...]

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12 12, 2011

Safest Gate Latches


Pool Gates The most important part of your pool fence is probably the gate. We always tell our customers to choose a self-locking, self-latching gate [...]

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6 12, 2011

Pool Decoration For New Year’s Eve


New Year's Eve Pool Party New Year's Eve is a holiday known for many things: champagne, noise makers, and kisses when the clock strikes 12 [...]

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5 12, 2011

Mesh Pet Barrier


Mesh Pet Gates For Dog Pool Safety Pool safety for parents and pet owners is a must. You may not be aware, but just like [...]

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1 12, 2011

Pool Safety Fence Costs


How Much Is The Pool Safety Fence? Any pool owner, in good conscience, should have the best safety fence available to keep nearby children safe. [...]

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