15 Life Hacks For Fun Pool Time

Pooltoys.comIt’s time for you to head to the pool or the beach for that matter and have a whale of a time. It’s something you have look forward to but now you are concerned about strong things that you take along with you. These are annoying issues that can take away from the experience because you don’t really want to carry suitcases to the beach, do you? So what do you do? Get into a rushed shopping mode to make sure you have the right bags, flip flops etc? We just can’t live without our mobile phones today. How do you keep them safe from water and the sand? What about the thieves who are often lurking by pool sides and beaches? What do you do in case your precious belongings get stolen? Do you know where the nearest police station is or how to contact it? There is so much you have to think about even before heading to the pool.

But there’s no reason to fret because for every problem there is a solution, as they say. We say, for every pool problem there’s a hack. Just get your hack on and make sure you have a great time by the pool or beach. Here is a list of 15 top hacks that will make your days by the pool a pleasurable experience.

These 15 DIY ideas will mean that you have taken matters in your own hands to ensure that your beach vacation or pool time is spent in complete comfort and fun. The best part is that these ideas are so easy to follow you will wonder why you didn’t think about them. And want to hear something really cool? These are completely inexpensive ideas that won’t burn a hole in your pocket.