10 Ideas To Create A Dream Swimming Pool

Dream Swimming Pool


Spring and Summer will be upon us in no time, which means that you may be planning on building a dream swimming pool for your friends and family to enjoy when the temperatures heat up. You may have a few questions about how you would begin to plan or perhaps you need some ideas. There are a few factors to consider before planning your dream pool, however.


Before the planning phase begins, you need to assess how much space you have available. Knowing exactly how much space you are willing to allot for your pool will narrow down the possibilities. It is tempting to have a grand pool, but you may not have enough space to accommodate. Another factor to consider is buyer’s remorse. You may end up with your dream pool, but will you regret taking up too much of your yard when the warm season is over? Be sure you set aside a good amount of space in your yard for other activities such as gardening, play area, pet area, and gathering space. Once you have set aside this area and any other important areas you can begin to set aside space for you dream pool.


Another thing to consider is the ground that the pool will rest in. You need to make sure that the soil is going to be able to support the weight of the pool and remain stable. Also, determine if the pool is going to be located on uneven land. If this is the case, your contractor will have to level and prepare the soil appropriately to avoid cracks and flaws in the finished product. Once you have finished with the basics you can move on to the planning phase.


Here are some great ideas for a dream pool:

– Infinity Pool

infinity-swimming-poolMany people love the look of an infinity pool. This can be achieved if you have uneven land or if you are perched atop a hill. Uneven land may have been a challenge before, but the infinity pool has turned it into an advantage.


– Irregular Shape

You can design your pool to reflect any number of shapes. A hot trend is irregular, curved shape pools. You can even design your shallow end either larger or smaller and leave more room for your depth preference.


Salt Water And Natural Pool Waters - Pros And Cons– Salt Water Pool

Many people have turned to the salt water pool as an alternative to offensive and damaging chemicals. These pools are cheaper and easier to maintain.


– Natural Pools

You can now design your pool to mimic a pond. It can fit into a heavily landscaped yard by blending in with the plant life. Many people even plant tall grasses at the edge to make them look even more convincing.


– Kiddie Pool Inside Of The Larger Pool

Many People are incorporating a shallow kiddie pool inside of the larger irregularly shaped pool. This gives you a designated spot for children to play that prevents them from getting into deeper water.


– Painted Pool Bottoms

Many people like to customize their pool by having an artist paint the bottom and sides to reflect their own personal taste.


– Glass tiles

7pooltileideasGlass tiles are becoming increasingly popular in pool design. It catches and reflects light from the sun and creates a warm atmosphere for your pool.


– Waterfall Pool

Some people have been incorporating waterfalls into their pool design. They are using both rocks and geometric shapes for their waterfall features.


– Narrow Lap Pools

If you are more interested in swimming for your health and want to save space, you can install a narrow lap pool and it will give you function and flexibility with space.


– Island In The Pool

A fun feature for larger pools is a concrete island that is installed in the center of the pool. Some people choose to landscape the island and even put a hammock on the island.


When designing your dream pool, make sure that you plan adequately for function and placement. Once you have to important details ironed out, you can begin the design phase. You can have fun with designing your dream pool and create something that you will enjoy for many years to come.