“In my opinion, your safety fence and the locking mechanism is the most superior system I have ever seen for a home pool. I have family backyard barbeques during summer and we can be assured our kids won't get into the pool unless we open the gate to the pool. I would recommend your security fence to anyone with a pool.” (Raymond Fox -Retired Captain, Clark County NV Fire Department)


The Original Certified

Pool Fence


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SELF CLOSING: To prevent accidents, our fences come with a self-closing, self-latching pool gate.

REMOVABLE: Using our patented locking sleeve you can safely remove our fence when needed.

Why Do You Need A Pool Fence?

Safety is of utmost importance – Over 300 children drown in residential pools every year. A fence does not eliminate drownings but they sure do help.
A fence will also help keep your pet from getting in the pool and either drowning or ruining your pool liner.
A fence may be required by law – Even though, there is not a Federal law requiring a fence around your pool, there may be a local law. 

Our NEW No-Holes Pool Fence

After years of research, this ingeniously engineered base is the first of its kind. Guardian Pool Fence is proud to introduce to you the first “no holes” pool fence in the world.
All you do is simply connect each base, fill them with water, set up the fence and that’s it. No need for any holes in your deck.

Patented Design

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PROFESSIONAL INSTALLATION: Our Mesh Pool Fences will be installed by our professional, trained installers.


NON CLIMBABLE: No top cross bar. It's very difficult for small children to climb over the fence because there's nothing to hold on to.

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