Approved: Los Angeles Pool Fence Code

Approved By The City Of Los Angeles Pool Fence Code


Many pool fence companies claim that they are approved by the city of Los Angeles.  Don’t be afraid to ask for a proof. Ask them to show you the approval letter. All approved companies should have a letter with a Research Report Number.

Our Premier Pool Fence System is approved by the City Of Los Angeles. Please see the original approval letter from the City and the transcript below.


Guardian Pool Fence Systems. Inc

14715 Aetna St.
Van Nuys, CA
Attn: Steven Sadinsky
(8r8) 767-7233
City of Los Angeles

RESEARCH REPORT: RR 25900 (csr 07110)
Expires: April 1, 2014

Issued Date: February 1, 2012

Code: 2011LABC




GENERAL APPROVAL – Renewal- Guardian Pool Fence System with Permanent Mounting.


The Guardian Pool Fence System for use as a safety barrier for swimming pools is a fixed 5 feet tall fencing system using a polyester mesh material. The system is fixed by securing the fence poles spaced a maximum of 30″ o.c. for the Original Pool Fence, 30″ or 36″ o.c. for the Premier Pool Fencing.

The Original Pool Fencing utilizes poles which are constructed of T6 marine grade aluminum that are internally reinforced with a tri-core design. The poles are inserted into a High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) and/or nylon & glass locking sleeve anchored to the aluminum poles with two stainless steel screws. The locking sleeve is installed into the deck using a l-ll4-inch diameter hole and a minimum 4″ inch embedment using an adhesive as recommended by Guardian Pool Fence Svstems. Inc.

The Premier Pool Fencing System utilizes poles which are constructed with T6 marine grade aluminum which incorporates aYr-inch diameter schedule 80 PVC reducer bushing andlr-rnch diameter 304 stainless steel pin. The stainless steel pin is inserted into a High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) and/or nylon & glass locking sleeve anchored to the pole with two stainless steel screws. The Sleeve is installed into the deck using a 5/8-inch-inch diameter hole
and a minimum 4″ inch embedment. usins an adhesive as recommended by Guardian Pool Fence Systems, Inc.

Access to the pool area is through a Guardian Pool Fence System Self Closing, Self latching, key-locking patented gate. The gate uses a Magna Latch magnetically operated latch and is key lockable. An internal ABS adapter at the bottom of the gate allows for the Yz-inch 304 stainless steel rods to protrude 4-inches from the bottom of the aluminum gate. The stainless steel rods are then inserted into the locking sleeves. The gate is fixed using the same locking sleeve that is used

on the fence.

The approval is subject to the following conditions:
1. Fencing shall only be used with permanent mounting device as shown on the attached detail.
2. Fencing shall be permanently installed and shall not be moved. Moveable fencing used to meet the private swimming pool barrier requirements is not allowed as it is a violation of permanent barrier requirements specified in section 91.3109.4.1 of the Los Angeles City Municipal Code.

The report is in conformance with the 2011 Los Angeles City Building Code. To unlatch the gate a lift knob located at the top most of the gate has to be lifted to release the magna latch.

Approval is based on testing in accordance with ASTM F 2286 and by demonstrating that the pool enclosure can be installed in a permanent manner. This general approval of an equivalent alternate to the Code is only valid where an engineer and/or inspector of this Department has determined that all conditions of this Approval have been met in the project in which it is to be used.

Addressee to whom this Research Report is issued is responsible for providing copies of it, complete with any attachments indicated. to architects, engineers and builders using items approved herein in design or construction which must be approved by Department of Building and Safety Engineers and Inspect




Engineering Research Section 201 N. Figueroa St., Room 880
Los Angeles, CA 90012
Phone- 213-202-9812
Fax- 213-202-9943


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