Childproof Swimming Pool

How to Childproof Your Swimming Pool

Having a home pool provides your family with a means of bonding and recreation. However, if you have kids, steps should be taken to ensure that they won’t be placed in danger because of it. Children are naturally inquisitive and curious. They might wander outside your backyard and be at risk of falling into the pool. To prevent such problems, here are some ways to child-proof your swimming pool.

  • Install a removal safety fence. This is one the easiest ways to child-proof your pool. A safety fence will provide a barrier to prevent your children from venturing too near to the pool. The basic concept is to isolate it from your house thereby eliminating access. Most pool fences are made out of polyester mesh which is supported by aluminum poles.
  • Install self-locking and self-closing gates. This type of fence provides better protection than mesh fences because it closes and locks automatically. Some adults may forget to close or lock the entryway to the pool thereby putting their children at risk. A self-closing and self-locking gate will eliminate this risk. With this type of gate, you just have to make sure that you maintain it because they can be subject to wear and tear since they are very near water.
  • Make sure your fence is four to five ft high. A fence that is too low won’t be an effective barrier – especially for tall toddlers. The most ideal height would be 4-5 feet. This will offer enough protection against inquisitive children.
  • Ensure that your support poles provide enough tension. Support poles give strength and tension to the fence. The less far apart they are, the stronger the tension. The recommended distance is 30 inches.
  • Get mesh material that is mildew resistant. To ensure that your fence will stand the test of time, use mesh material that is resistant to mildew. Most pool fences are made out of polyester mesh with vinyl coating. The method used for making this type of mesh ensures that it is clean to look at but at the same time strong enough to withstand pressure. The vinyl coating makes it mildew resistant and allows easy maintenance. It also makes the mesh resistant to dirt and dust.

Child proofing your pool is important in order to ensure the complete safety of your children. The most important thing to remember is that your pool fence should be able to block access from home to pool.